Is Kris Marshall Really that Bad to be the New Doctor? He Is Rumored to be Taking the Role, But I Don’t Know Him

Kris Marshall has been rumored to be the new actor to take on the role of our favorite Timelord, the Doctor. I see nothing but criticism and outrage by fans everywhere. Personally I want a huge change and I am hoping for a person of color or even a female Doctor. Or maybe an out gay actor like Russell Tovey to be the time traveling hero, but I know that would most likely not be the case this time around. So hearing the rumor that Kris Marshall was selected, I was disappointed. Then immediately I had to go to the Google machine since I had no idea who he was. I then moved on, because as far as I can tell, it is just a rumor right now. But others don’t seem to be doing that. I’ll give him a chance, but I’m seeing some pretty darn hateful things online about this selection. I am curious, why is he such a bad candidate? I know some of you have to be Whovians and can give me better details. What is it that is so bad that every hates him so badly?