Iceman – Gay Mutant Superhero Getting His Own Solo Series & Human Torch is Officially Pansexual


Most comic book fans are already aware of this, however in case you missed it – Bobby Drake also known as Iceman, is getting his own ongoing solo series. To clarify, there are two versions of Iceman in the main 616 Marvel Universe. An adult version that has always existed in this universe and his younger self that was accidentally brought to the present by Hank McCoy, Beast. The older version will be the Iceman that will have his own series. This is great news for the character and for any fans that want to read about a very famous out gay superhero. The series will be written by Sina Grace, illustrated by Alessandro Vitti and will start in Spring 2017.


Adult Bobby Drake came out of the closet in 2015’s issue of Uncanny X-Men #600 when his younger counterpart confronted him about his orientation. Adult Iceman confirmed that he was in fact a gay man. Younger Bobby himself came out in 2012’s All-New X-Men #40. This means that Iceman, who was introduced in The X-Men #1, back in 1963, has been a gay man this entire time. Iceman is not the first male mutant to come out, not by a long shot. However he is possibly one of the most well known male characters in the Marvel Universe to be identified as a gay man.


Interesting note, Human Torch aka Johnny Storm has been confirmed as being a pansexual by Daken writer Marjorie Liu. The image above is from Daken: Dark Wolverine #4. Daken was a bisexual character and the son of Wolverine. He has an ability to use his pheromones to manipulate the emotional state and sensory perceptions of other beings. Johnny and him had a strange relationship briefly and it seemed like Johnny was falling for him, but it was never out right stated. However that is no longer the case. Johnny is pansexual. A pairing of Iceman and the Human Torch would be such a cool idea. Or hot idea…see what I did there? Fire and Ice as a couple would either make a lot of people happy, or make a lot of people very angry.


Most of you probably already know this, but originally Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends was conceptualized to have both Iceman and the Human Torch. Instead we got a new female mutant character made up specifically for the show, Firestar. She was popular enough to later make the leap to comic pages. Johnny was not used unfortunately because of legal reasons with his character. There were rumors speculating that three male superheroes living together on a cartoon also seemed too gay. The irony is that one did come out as gay and now another is pansexual. If Spider-Man would just come out as being bisexual, this would make it even more hilarious.


It should also be worth noting, the Human Torch and Iceman pairing up with Spider-Man was later fixed in the Ultimate Spider-Man books. Aunt May took in Bobby Drake and Johnny Storm (and Kitty Pryde and Gwen Stacy) to stay with her and Peter. We got several adventures with the trio working together. It was quite awesome.


On panel, Iceman’s romantic involvement has been with women and a flirtatious Northstar. Northstar once has a short mini-series himself, however it only briefly touched on his sexuality. For Bobby no male interest has been shown yet, but many fans (including me), are eager to see how an out Bobby Drake copes with dating life in the modern day world as his younger self has already done. Young Bobby Drake has an Inhuman kinda sorta boyfriend.


Iceman has been classified as am Omega Level Mutant in the past, but has rarely been shown to exert the full extent of his powers. What is an Omega Level Mutant? There’s no concrete explanation for it except that they are suppose to be very powerful. Jean Grey and Franklin Richards are supposedly Omega Level Mutants, although they have been shown to go past this as well. With Iceman, ice and snow may not seem too much of a big deal, but the level of ice used and the ability to freeze anyone’s molecules are dangerous. Iceman once froze every molecule within Professor Xavier’s son, Legion. It is terrifying that he can do this if he wished.


So many were not on board with Iceman coming out as being gay. Some felt it was forced, others felt as though it was always hinted at since day one. Personally I am happy with this. At first I did not think it was real, as Beast once declared he was gay. Emma Frost quickly shut him down on that. I still do not understand what the point of that was all about. The Human Torch being pansexual was glossed over and seems to be ignored completely. I know him and Torch will not date, but I can hope. Regardless, I am happy that superheroes that have been around for over 50 years have been identified as being something other than exclusively heterosexual. I can’t wait to read Iceman’s ongoing series. What do you think? Are you happy about this or are you on the fence, or do you not care?


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