How Did I Never Notice This Before? – Seamus and Dean (B)Romantic Partners – I Ship It!

Someone sent me a message asking about what I thought of Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas being together in the Harry Potter movies. I had no opinion as I didn’t know that happened. So after researching a bit, I found that they are together a lot in the movies. There are tons of fanfics (mostly by women) about them being an item too. How did I miss this in the movies?!

I was so caught up with Harry, Ron and Hermione that I totally didn’t catch the (b)romantic thing going on with these guys. I had no idea this was a thing, but you know what? I totally ship this!!! I don’t care if it’s far reaching, I accept it as head canon now. They are a couple and they were together throughout all the movies. It is official in my head as of now. What do you think?

By the way, they are apparently friends in real life outside of the theatrical world. It’s almost like they are doing this on purpose to lots of fans of the world.

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2 comments to How Did I Never Notice This Before? – Seamus and Dean (B)Romantic Partners – I Ship It!

  • Avatar Tim  says:

    I didn’t ever notice this before, this is great! I’ve also never heard the term head canon before now, I’m all over that. I feel like I should make some sort of joke involving the words, head and canon, but it’s just not coming to me. (giggity).

    • GayComicGeek GayComicGeek  says:

      Hahaha…I am loving this idea. I wish I saw this earlier.

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