Hawkgirl and Hawkman’s costumes from DC’s Legends of Tomorow TV Series

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

We have already been shown what Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash (pictured below) will look like in the upcoming season 2 of the Flash. Now we get to see what Hawkgirl will look like in the new Legends of Tomorrow series as well. I was not sure if Hawkman would show up this season, but apparently he will as he is also shown in the picture. It seems as though only Hawkgirl was being advertised as being part of this new spinoff, but apparently both will be showing up.

Jay Garrick

I like the costumes and I do like that Hawkman has his mace. That’s got to be a requirement. I am curious as to how their wings are going to look. I imagine that their wings will only appear when they actually fly, or something to that magnitude. I would probably be difficult for them to maneuver around in scene with huge wings in the way. These costumes I feel are a bit covered up as Hawkman usually likes to show his awesome hairy chest. I am not sure if this is better than the Smallville version of Hawkman or not (pictured below) but I still like this and I cannot wait to see the show!

Hakman from Smallville

Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere in Spring 2016.

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