Has Bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn been Cast as He-Man in the Upcoming Masters of the Universe Movie?

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There have been reports that mega body builder, Mike O’Hearn has been cast in the role of the iconic character of He-Man from the Masters of the Universe series. Mike stated on his Instagram page that he needs to lose about 30 pounds of lean muscle for the role. However, this has not been confirmed by the writer of the movie, Chris Yost. Yost is best known for writing the Thor movies and many episodes of the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Hero animated series.


There have been numerous reports on an upcoming He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie to be made. NUMEROUS. Many fans have speculated and have been disappointed with script rewrites, delays and complete cancellations of any new film based on the iconic Eternian to ever be made. O’Hearn would be absolutely perfect in physical appearance for the role of He-Man. He has the physique of a Mr. Universe champion, which he has won in the past. In fact, he has won four times. He also has the face and hair of He-Man. It almost seems too perfect for him to be cast because more than likely, a much more well known celebrity and ultimately much smaller actor would be cast. But of course, if this is the case and then that said entertainer will tell fans that he will put on 50-60 pounds of muscle for the role. O’Hearn has been a gladiator in the past for America Gladiators, and has even played a barbarian in the show Barbarian, Keeper of Time.

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Any Masters of the Universe fan can talk for hours on how much a new movie is needed and that the previous attempt at making a live action movie back in the 80’s with Dolph Lungren flopped so incredibly badly. Granted, the budge for that movie was reduced ridiculously and was rushed to be pushed to theaters to meet the demand from marketing. But this series has a huge following and the mix of magic and sorcery blend together for a unique story to be told that incorporates fantasy with sci-fi elements. It would seem as though this is one of the few franchises that is in need and demand for a remake would make it to theaters.


So was O’Hearn cast? I have tweeted and sent messages to him O’Hearn but he has not said much more on the subject. I was hoping that thee would be some official notice stated, but at this point, no other sources seem to confirm that any casting has taken place. Masters of the Universe fans await the official word, very optimistically.

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