First Image from the Upcoming Animated Movie – Batman – The Killing Joke

Joker Batman

Mark Hamill, who will be the voice of the Joker in the upcoming Batman DC Animated movie- The Killing Joke, has released this one image of what this movie will look like. I am impressed and excited about this project!

Before hand, he released several tweets with the first word in all caps. He definitely knew what he was doing and he is driving his fans insane because of of this! I love it!

The Killing Joke is a graphic novel set within the Batman mythos that received much praise but is also infamous for the depiction of the darkness that the Joker really has within him. Not only does he shoot and cripple Barbara Gordon but he goes so far as to sexually assaulting the former Batgirl. He also has Jim Gordan sexually assaulted as well, while he is forced to see naked pictures of his daughter. It is a very adult and dark look as to what the Joker really is and what he is capable of doing. His hopes were to break the Commissioner and also show that he himself is the result of just one bad day and that this could be replicated. This movie is set to come out late in 2016.


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