Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Titans and Batman Beyond – Comic Load 10/26/2016


This week we still have no Tim Drake showing up. He’s mentioned and a nice little memorial is set up, but he will be in limbo for a long time. Hal and Sinestro duke it out in Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corp. The Prowler makes his return back in the pages of Marvel in the Clone Conspiracy. Both Wally Wests officially meet and become buddies over in the Flash. Wonder Woman reconnects with Steve Trevor. Superman meets the new Lana Lang Superwoman in Action Comics. The Titans continue on fighting against Kadabra. The Prowler has returned and is a clone in the Clone Conspiracy. And Terry fights against the Jokers Gang in his first issue. This is my comic load for this week.
Detective Comics #943
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #7
The Prowler #1
The Flash #9
Wonder Woman #9
Superman Action Comics #966
Titans #4
Batman Beyond #1

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