Comic Book Day! Walking Dead People May All Die, Yoda Learns New Tricks and Nightwing Has a Great Ass!

It’s comic book day! My favorite day of the week. This time we have Walking Dead #164 with Rick and his people about to be over whelmed by hordes of walkers surrounding their establishments. Star Wars #28 has Yoda learning new force tricks and completely going out on his own on a Jedi mission with no other Jedi in site. Darth Maul #1 – My favorite Sith starts out on his own adventure before Episode 1 and shows how much of a badass he really is. Nightwing #14 establishes Dick Grayson as THE superhero in Blüdhaven. Plus he has a glorious ass. Batman #16 – Batman starts a war with Bane over possession of the Psycho Pirate. Bane makes the first strike and it is pretty darn severe. All New X-Men #18 – Cyclops comes to grips with his future self being a douchebag. That’s about it. Finally is Back to the Future – Biff to the Future #1 – This is the beginning of the alternate universe from when Biff gained the Sports Almanac and became a rich powerful man. It is a very dark!

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