Atlantic City Boardwalk Con was pretty fracking sweet! I can’t wait to go again next year!

Here’s some pics and the vids that I took.

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Oh my god this looks awful. It could be Hannah Montana meets…Hannah Montana. Where’s the foster home for run away girls? Where’s Synergy? Where’s the Misfits? Where the hell is the purple hair for Rio? Why didn’t they at least hint towards the actual Jem song? I am not happy with this at all and I’m not even a huge Jem Fan.

Jem Reboot


Class Comics released their conclusion to Naked Justice Beginnings storyarc with issue number #3!




I was a bit more depressed about this than I thought I’d be. It has somewhat of a sad ending to it. But it does make the story make sense with the rest of the Superhero stories from Class Comics.