Silver Shark 1

My buddy artist who happens to be a badass cosplayer himself and a SUPERMAN cutie, Pumba, has created a new piece of artwork to go along with my GayComicGeek character. In fact, he’s created a supervillain to sexually violate fight with the GayComicGeek. Introducing- SILVER SHARK!

SIlver Shark 2

He has the following Bio:

Behind every great hero, there are great villains. That being said, i thought I’d make a villain character for Paul Charles, aka the gaycomicgeek
His name is the Silver Shark, and using his high tech SCUBA suit he can create electric ‘shark bites’ strong enough to nom through an 18 wheeler.
And of course, his ‘alternate’ suit because why the hell not?


New GCG ColorGayComicGeek Drawing by Pumba

So I personally think that Pumba needs to start drawing his own comic book series already and pitch this to Class Comics. He’s already got several characters that he’s created or drawn and has made several renditions of the GayComicGeek character that he has drawn as well. In fact I use his art for the intro to many of my videos. Check out Pumba’s Tumblr site where you can see his personal pics and artwork as well. I’m showing a pic (below) of him in his Digimon costume – Davis and as Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender. I really love most of the Digimon series and I have a special affinity to Avatar, which looks like Sokka more so than any other cosplayer that I have ever seen. So seeing him in those costume is so fracking hot. I should stop typing everything that I think.

Check out his Tumbr page at:

Pumba DigimonPumba as Sokka

He-Man Master of the Universe

Awesome news! We have confirmation from now that Christopher Yost, the writer for the third installment of the Thor movies -Thor:Ragnarok. That’s not all Yost has done, but it seems to be the biggest entertainment piece of late that everyone focuses on the most. Needless to say, I am pretty excited. Wary that this will fall through like so many other failed attempts to make a Masters of the Universe film, but still very hopful.

If you’re a hardcore He-Man and The Masters of the Universe fan, then you know the pain of waiting for a new live action movie. Fans have been teased for years that a new movie will one day be made since the 1980s version of Masters of the Universe hit theaters. Many, many, many people hated it, but it has grown a bit of a cult following in a small population of He-Man fans.

Tim Drake reunion with Superboy

Christopher Yost also wrote for the cartoon series X-Men: Evolution as well as (Avengers) Earth Mightiest Heroes. Both shows were incredible and I believe are some of the better planned out series that I’ve seen. He has also written my favorite comic book character of all time- Tim Drake- in his Red Robin series from DC Comics. So he definitely has the geek credibility under his belt. Can he write He-Man and Masters of the Universe to be faithful to the source material, but still make it relevant to modern cinema? I hope so and I’m going to be waiting for this to develop with very positive thinking.

Castle Grayskull

I am sure that everyone is aware of the background of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, but in case anyone is not aware, here’s a short synopsis. Originally He-Man was a powerful barbarian warrior that was modeled off of Conan. He lived on the planet of Eternia where he fought to keep evil from taking an ancient power that resided within an equally ancient castle called Grayskull. His greatest foe was a skull faced villain called Skeletor. The planet possessed lots of magic and sorcery but was also technologically advanced. Later the story was altered and He-Man was written to be the alter ego to an Eternian Prince named Adam son of King Randor. Adam was a half human/half Eternian twin, whose sister, Adora, was abducted as a baby by an evil force even greater than Skeletor, Hordak of the Horde Empire. The series continued on with Adam possessing the power of He-Man who fought evil on Eternia as having two identities that was secret to all but a few people that were close to him.


Steve Orlando is a badass writer! This issue follows very closely after issue number #1 and follows Midnighter as he starts track down people with devices and technology from the Gardner. It’s a great read and the fact that Midnighter is such a cool character and proudly out and gay, makes it so much more. Check out my video review.

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Hot Glasses Guy 28

A lot of these pics are Facebook friends of mine. They’re not all nerdy, but I love guys in glasses! And the ‘nerd’ things is such a turn on for me. There’s a couple porn pics mixed in here too, but they’re fucking awesome.
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Who doesn’t love a feel good movie about gay surfers who have an incredibly happy ending? Here’s my review on Shelter. It was pretty damn awesome!

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Yep, Fight Club is back, in comic book form. It’s also written by the original author of the book too. It is made by Dark Horse comics and I’m loving it so far. Here’s my review for issue #1





I have been patiently waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out for YEARS! Finally we get some headway with some game play being shown at the Electron Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. And I have to say, I’m a huge South Park fan and the previous game, the Stick of Truth was like playing an episode out on your console. This time, we get to play as Coon and Friends!!! So I am so hyped up over this!

Check out the trailers that they’ve released and the game play for Kingdom Hearts 3:


Red Lantern Hal Jordan

Ant Man Scott Lang

It’s time that I started to clear out a couple costumes here and there in my closet. There’s a couple new things that I want to make and I need to make funds and make room in my place to do these new pieces. So, just in case anyone around my size is interested, here’s a couple costumes that I’ve listed on Ebay. I’ll be listing a couple more next week after these go through.

Red Lantern – Ebay
red 1

red 2

red 3

Ant Man Scott Lang
ant 1

ant 2

ant 3

ant 4

Holy fracking hell, Chris Pratt is so hot! I cannot even explain the level of hotness that this guy has. The fact that he queer baits a bit and is a huge geek, makes him so much hotter.

These pics are old and from GQ’s issue from December 2014, but they’re still worth mentioning.

By the way, I can’t wait to see Jurassic World. I want to see it cause it looks badass, but Chris being in it just really makes it that much better!



Any Game of Thrones fans out there? I admit that I didn’t read the books, but I do enjoy the show tremendously. In fact, I’ve had a couple mini-parties to watch episodes with some friends here and there. That’s right, I don’t do clubs, but I’ll watch the hell out of a good fantasy tv show.




If you have not watched the series, a basic synopsis of the show is that there’s a fantasy world that’s in a medieval time, where magic exists (a bit) and some technology is present, to an extent. The main focus is the drama surrounding the different noble families attempting to wrest control of the throne of the Kingdom of Westeros. Although, even that storyline becomes a side story with some of the arcs.

The biggest appeal of this HBO show is that it’s filled with so much story and the richness of the characters set in this world. The characters have a vast diversity of morals ranging from very self centered and evil to being very noble and honorable. Take my advice, don’t get attached to the honorable ones. They don’t last very long.



At first, the main focus seemed to be on the Stark family, but after several deaths in their lineage, and with other characters coming into the spotlight, the Starks are more just regular characters in the big story. Sansa Stark is one of the few remaining Starks and she has kept her nobility and moral conscience. She was brutally beaten by her former fiancee, King Joffrey after having to witness her father’s beheading. After a bit of work, it appeared that her character had finally broken free and was on her way to becoming a strong woman in her own right. However this was not the case on May 17th’s episode. On Season 5, Episode 6, we were witness to the young Sansa Stark being raped by her newly wed husband Ramsay Bolton.



Ramsay Bolton is a character that can arguably be even more hated that King Joffrey. And that says a lot as Joffrey is probably one of the most hated people on the series. Ramsay is brutal, sadistic and out-rightly evil. He raped Sansa on their wedding night and forced Theon Greyjoy, who was a surrogate brother to Sansa, to witness this event. Let’s not even go into what Ransay did to Theon, who is now forced into being called Reek (he cut off his penis). But this rape has caused a lot of uproar in the Game of Thrones community. A lot.



This isn’t the first controversial event to happen in Game of Thrones. In the first episode, we find out that Queen Sersei and her twin Brother, Jaime Lannister are secret lovers and that all of Cersei’s children are actually produced from their union. Later, Jaime rapes his sister in front of the corpse of their oldest son, Joffrey. These are just many of the other rapes and attempted rapes that take place on the series. The deaths and brutal acts between the families is numerous and there’s not an episode that passes that something horrific occurs.

With Sansa being raped, now many viewers feel that the series has finally crossed the line. Twitter messages back and forth from the book author George R.R. Martin has shown that he supports the rape scene, despite it not occurring in the book.



I myself found this scene horrible and I was legitimately sickened by what happened. I do not know why a character who had been tortured previously and worked to free herself and become a stronger person, has to be put through the same event all over again. However his time it is with someone even more evil and crazy than the last person. I feel like the show is attempting to shock the viewer, but is doing it to such an extreme, that they are trying to out do themselves in previous seasons. Unfortunately for them, by trying to shock the viewer in such a sickening way, they are going to lose some of their audience.



I am curious, what do you think?