Batman Retrospective -- Nothing To Fear & Last Laugh TC

In which Batman gives his iconic quote, and The Joker teams up with Captain Clown!


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Xmen Enter Magneto & Deadly Reunions


In which magnets and computers combine to create potential nuclear war…

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You probably don’t know who I am. My name is Nik. I go online by CeroLobo or XCeroLoboX depending on if someone beat me to the Username or not. I am a geek/gamer who dabbles in the occasional YouTube video now and then. I was asked to become an Admin by Paul and was very honored by that. So, to commemorate this first posting here is me getting stabbed and left with a colorful scar.

Tattoos are becoming more relevant now. They have been around since at least 6000 BC and are starting to become more accepted in the workplace and let’s face it….very attractive. Here is the making of my Zelda tattoo while listing my favorite Zelda games. Everyone has a favorite series, so why not do something to honor that series? Enjoy the video!

Daredevil 1

After seeing the recent leaked teaser for season 2 of Daredevil, I’m reminded at how hot the main actor, Charlie Cox is in this role. He was at New York Comic Con and he took a bunch of pics with his costars and had a panel to answer a lot of questions.

I’ve looked in his past roles and I had no idea that he was in the movie Stardust! That’s awesome, I loved that movie. He was also in The Theory of Everything and Boardwalk Empire. I can’t believe I didn’t realize that. Not to mention that a new Defenders series has been announced from Marvel and the he’ll be in it as Daredevil. Probably with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, possibly Punisher and Iron Fist. How awesome is that?

I’m excited about his upcoming season of Daredevil. Can you tell that I’m seriously promoting it and urging everyone to watch it? No joke though, I am excited to see the development of his and his supporting characters on the show. But even more so to see the appearances of Punisher and Electra. It’s unsure whether or not Jessica Jones and Luke Cage will make any appearances but they all will be linking together for the Defenders series, so there are sure to be some references. I love how Marvel is introducing all of these characters and but still giving them their own spotlight.

Daredevil 2

I know it’s too much to hope that we will one day see a massive Marvel movie that will have every character introduced in the Marvel Cinematic universe. If even just to have the Defenders shown on Earth defending the planet as the Avengers are in space fighting Thanos who has possession of the Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity Wars movie?). That would be the most epic thing in the world and I would literally be jumping in the air at how geektastic that would be!

Anyways, I’m excited and I can’t wait. The Jessica Jones series airs next month on Netflix and Daredevil season 2 starts next year. Watch Daredevil season 1 if you have not yet, you’ll definitely love it!

Daredevil 3

Suspended Banner
As of 10/5/2015, all my YouTube accounts have been suspended. I have no idea how this happened. I have received a notice that one of my videos was blocked in some countries because of the music that I used. But the video was not deleted. I simply could not use it for ad revenue since I did not own the music on the video. Which made sense. I also had a video that was age restricted, meaning that a person had to be 18 or over to view it. But again, the video was left on YouTube and YouTube did not delete it. If these counted as ‘strikes’ against me, it was not shown on my settings. My status always remained in ‘Good Standing’ with no penalties. However I got the notice that my account and all my channels had been suspended though email on 10/5/2015.


This is a major blow for me. I had been terminated from my office job earlier this year for my videos and everything that I do online. Rather than go back into the same profession, I had made it my choice to continue on making videos and work as an online vlogger full time. Which was working. It was not completely steady but traffic to my site and my videos have been continually rising. My videos do make money and was not the sole source of my income, but it did help out tremendously.


What happens from here? I can continue to vlog through other video sites such as the lesser used site – Vimeo. Which this site is much less restrictive. I would have to purchase a Pro account to upload the number of videos that I do upload in a weekly setting. I would not make any money off of these videos as there is no Adshare revenue that I am aware of at this time. Or I could download a plugin that would allow me to host my own videos, rather than rely on an outside video hosting site. But I would more than likely have a slower load time and the videos themselves would be lesser quality.


I filed an appeal with the form below. I do not know if that will do anything as I have been reading very mixed messages from many YouTubers online. It appears to be my only recourse. I do not like feeling this way. No one does, right? I am not the most optimistic person in the world, but I definitely do not wallow in my own self defeat. I felt bad and depressed for a day after I was fired from my previous job before I took action. This time, I had anxiety all night long and honestly did not sleep. But it is a new day and I will have to move on. I am just not sure what direction to go yet. I have to find a new path to succeed at being the GayComicGeek. It took several years to build up the number of subscribers that I did on YouTube. I hate to think that all of that work is thrown out because of some technicality on a site that has not even been explained to me what happened. I also do not want to think that all the haters that I have, which have grown in number as well recently, have won and successfully removed me from posting online.

Casual Robin Return GCG

I am completely open to advice. If you suggest something, by all means, I promise to read it and take it seriously. I obviously will not be posting up videos in the next couple of days, but I will continue to post on both my websites and my Patreon site. Thank you all for being there and thank you to those that have been encouraging me to go on. You are all literally why I keep doing what I do.

Silver Shark 1

My buddy artist who happens to be a badass cosplayer himself and a SUPERMAN cutie, Pumba, has created a new piece of artwork to go along with my GayComicGeek character. In fact, he’s created a supervillain to sexually violate fight with the GayComicGeek. Introducing- SILVER SHARK!

SIlver Shark 2

He has the following Bio:

Behind every great hero, there are great villains. That being said, i thought I’d make a villain character for Paul Charles, aka the gaycomicgeek
His name is the Silver Shark, and using his high tech SCUBA suit he can create electric ‘shark bites’ strong enough to nom through an 18 wheeler.
And of course, his ‘alternate’ suit because why the hell not?


New GCG ColorGayComicGeek Drawing by Pumba

So I personally think that Pumba needs to start drawing his own comic book series already and pitch this to Class Comics. He’s already got several characters that he’s created or drawn and has made several renditions of the GayComicGeek character that he has drawn as well. In fact I use his art for the intro to many of my videos. Check out Pumba’s Tumblr site where you can see his personal pics and artwork as well. I’m showing a pic (below) of him in his Digimon costume – Davis and as Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender. I really love most of the Digimon series and I have a special affinity to Avatar, which looks like Sokka more so than any other cosplayer that I have ever seen. So seeing him in those costume is so fracking hot. I should stop typing everything that I think.

Check out his Tumbr page at:

Pumba DigimonPumba as Sokka

He-Man Master of the Universe

Awesome news! We have confirmation from now that Christopher Yost, the writer for the third installment of the Thor movies -Thor:Ragnarok. That’s not all Yost has done, but it seems to be the biggest entertainment piece of late that everyone focuses on the most. Needless to say, I am pretty excited. Wary that this will fall through like so many other failed attempts to make a Masters of the Universe film, but still very hopful.

If you’re a hardcore He-Man and The Masters of the Universe fan, then you know the pain of waiting for a new live action movie. Fans have been teased for years that a new movie will one day be made since the 1980s version of Masters of the Universe hit theaters. Many, many, many people hated it, but it has grown a bit of a cult following in a small population of He-Man fans.

Tim Drake reunion with Superboy

Christopher Yost also wrote for the cartoon series X-Men: Evolution as well as (Avengers) Earth Mightiest Heroes. Both shows were incredible and I believe are some of the better planned out series that I’ve seen. He has also written my favorite comic book character of all time- Tim Drake- in his Red Robin series from DC Comics. So he definitely has the geek credibility under his belt. Can he write He-Man and Masters of the Universe to be faithful to the source material, but still make it relevant to modern cinema? I hope so and I’m going to be waiting for this to develop with very positive thinking.

Castle Grayskull

I am sure that everyone is aware of the background of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, but in case anyone is not aware, here’s a short synopsis. Originally He-Man was a powerful barbarian warrior that was modeled off of Conan. He lived on the planet of Eternia where he fought to keep evil from taking an ancient power that resided within an equally ancient castle called Grayskull. His greatest foe was a skull faced villain called Skeletor. The planet possessed lots of magic and sorcery but was also technologically advanced. Later the story was altered and He-Man was written to be the alter ego to an Eternian Prince named Adam son of King Randor. Adam was a half human/half Eternian twin, whose sister, Adora, was abducted as a baby by an evil force even greater than Skeletor, Hordak of the Horde Empire. The series continued on with Adam possessing the power of He-Man who fought evil on Eternia as having two identities that was secret to all but a few people that were close to him.


Steve Orlando is a badass writer! This issue follows very closely after issue number #1 and follows Midnighter as he starts track down people with devices and technology from the Gardner. It’s a great read and the fact that Midnighter is such a cool character and proudly out and gay, makes it so much more. Check out my video review.

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Hot Glasses Guy 28

A lot of these pics are Facebook friends of mine. They’re not all nerdy, but I love guys in glasses! And the ‘nerd’ things is such a turn on for me. There’s a couple porn pics mixed in here too, but they’re fucking awesome.
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Who doesn’t love a feel good movie about gay surfers who have an incredibly happy ending? Here’s my review on Shelter. It was pretty damn awesome!

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