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The first issue to The Mighty Thor from Marvel Comics is out! Dr. Jane Foster is Thor and she is bringing a very unique quality to the character. This is a great first issue and I think the future issues will be leading up to some epic story telling.

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Warrior Angela is back in her own series. She is no longer Asgard’s assassin, She has gone much further in her battles.

Angela, from the Spawn Universe in Image Comics has made a permanent home in the Marvel Universe. In fact, she is the long lost sister to Thor. But she was raised to be a warrior Angel assassin in Heven. I spelled that right, their version of Heven is spelled that way on purpose. This is her first issue in her ongoing series as her ascension to becoming the ruler of Hel. Again, I spelled that right, this is the Asgardian version of Hel.

Angela- Queen of Hel – Issue #1
Written by: Marguerite Bennett
Illustration/Cover: Kim Jacinto, Israel Silva, Stephanie Hans
Released: October 2015

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Angela Queen of Hel #1 Marvel Comic Book Review from GayComicGeek on Vimeo.