Katsucon was great! Not only did I get to cosplay as both Midnighter and Cable, but I also got a bare assed spanking from my buddy, DannyLantern, who cosplayed as my daddy Cyclops. It was a little more fun than I thought, although my ass stung for a bit.

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Also, thank you Saka for taking this badass picture of me as Midnighter! I think it looks so awesome. I should have gritted my teeth more in these pics. Next time!

I have a Patreon page. I like to post up my private pics of sexy male costumers that I have taken. And look – Some tatted arm guy with cut off jean shorts captured Robin! Or maybe he willingly came along, I can’t tell. Most of my Patreon site pics are of my friends and other cosplayers that enjoy a slightly sexualized look at costuming. Both gay and straight men seem to have fun with this. This is always with their permission of course. My buddy Jay was the one pictured above and really had some fun as ‘Captured Robin.’

On a different matter, there are certain gear here and there that I don’t quite understand how to wear. I post these pics on my Patreon page as well. This singlet had no instructions, so I was lost at first. It is an assless wear and it goes up the back but not the front. It’s quite fun to wear though, after I figured it out. By the way, that’s Green Arrow captured below. I have no idea who’s junk is being shoved in his face.

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I do a monthly costume contest give away for my Cosmic Level Patrons over on Patreon. This month SDSuperbear won my first GayComicGeek 2.0 costume (pictured above). This was costume look was made by the badass Art by Pumba and looks incredible! Congrats dude, I hope you like it and I know that you’ll look super sexy in it. I can’t wait to see pics of you wearing it!

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It’s been a few days or weeks since I’ve posted about my Patreon page. So I figured it’s time to do it again. By the way, that pic above was taken out of context. Don’t ask. Oh yeah, and don’t ask about the bottom page either.

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I like to say I whore myself out for my Patreon site, but I’ve had a couple of you say that a nicer way to see it is that I’m ‘selling’ myself or ‘Advertising’ myself. I like those terms better. Although I don’t mind being a whore either. You know what I mean. Giggity. But the I do love this Union Suit from Nasty Pig. Thank you Billy! You are awesome for getting me this. Red is my favorite color too, so it’s even better. It’s so comfy. I’ve slept in it 3 nights in a row.

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