I can’t wait for the Punisher solo series and the Defenders series from Netflix. No new info has been released yet, but both series are coming soon! The Defenders will air on Netflix on Aug. 18, 2017. Punisher has no set date as of yet. But they did complete filming in April 2017.

Hey this is great! IDW Publishing who is making the new new Jem comic book made a cover with lead vocals by Kirsten Gundel. It was good and I loved the animation used. However, Pete Bottiglieri replaced the music with the original intro theme song from the Jem cartoon. The new song is great, but I have to say that I love the original much more. Check out both videos below and judge for yourself.

Check out Pete’s YouTube channel over at: YouTube.com/channel/UCsiaY3sdFOTRQS0s0jhTZkA

IDW’s YouTube Channel: YouTube.Com/IDWPublishing

The new IDW Publishing music cover by Kirsten Gundel:

Here is the video altered with the original 1980s music:

Wow, this was a great short film by ScissorFilms. It stars Nick Bateman as Gambit. Other than him having telekinesis with his cards, this was very impressive. We even have Daken (Wolverine’s bisexual son) as an antagonist. I’d love a full on movie based on this type of film. I have been wanting more X-People films based on individual characters OTHER than Wolverine since the beginning. What do you guys think?

To check out the studio and their work, head over to: ScissorFilms.com

Actor Drake Bell has been Tweeting some interesting pics in the last couple of days. It appears he is either gearing up to take on the role of Dick Grayson aka Nightwing aka former Robin, or he is starting a campaign to get this role. Where would this role be taking place? In the DC Cinematic Movie-verse? Or maybe in the upcoming live action Titans series coming to DC’s new digital service? I am onboard with this happening. I do like Drake Bell and I think he’d make a great Grayson. What do you think?

Here’s one of his recent Tweets. It took me a second, but the Tweet above is Nightwing. I’m slow on the uptake sometimes. It is quite clever to use those images.

This Tweet seems to imply: Dick Grayson. I feel bad that I did not recognize Dick Van Dyke at first, as this totally threw me off.

The Tweet below was posted by Drake but then deleted. It appears that he may have mistaken Dick Grayson’s role and that of Tim Drake. Both are former Robins, but it would make more sense for Drake to take on to the mantle of Nightwing. One of many fans took screen grabs of this before he deleted.

I just heard about this today and damn this is great! I hope a full movie or series is made on this short. It’s about 22 mins, but totally worth it. Check it out.

This made by Oats Studio and you check out their Steam page over at: SteamPowered.com

Their Twitter page is located at: Twitter.com/OatStudios

Happy Pride Month everyone! I tried to find the names to some of these artists or creators. The top pic was made by MicahDraws and I think he did an excellent job. Here’s some other alternate covers and past art that I feel is very touching. Also, if you have not already, check out the book Love is Love for a really awesome book that is dedicated to honor those who were killed in the Orlando Pulse shootings. Be warned, it is something that will make you cry. Or at least it did for me. Several times.

Have you heard of LGBT HQ? It’s a great group promoting diversity in comic books and many other geeky genres.
They describe themselves as: LGBT HQ is a group dedicated to creating a central hub for LGBTQ fandom and vendors/exhibitors alike at comic conventions nationwide. It is an LGBTQ Headquarters, focused on working with conventions, vendors, artists, authors, local and national LGBT Organizations, to promote their work, events, and activism. Our primary goal is to promote the LGBT presence at comic book and pop culture conventions.

Check out their website at: www.LGBTHQ.info

You can see their Facebook page over at: Facebook.com/lgbthqproductions

Here a list of upcoming events that LGBT HQ will be attending:

WIZARD WORLD PHILLY: 6.3.17,  Philadephia Convention Center, Philadephia, PA (1 Day, Panels & A Party)
AWESOMECON: 6.16.17 – 6.18.17, Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC
BLERDCON: 6.30.17 – 7.2.17, Alexandria, VA
FLAME CON: 8.19.17 – 8.20.17, BKN Bridge Marriott, Brooklyn, NY
LGBT EXPO: 9.9.17 – 9.10.17, JacobJavitz Center, NYC, NY
NYCC: 10.5.17 – 10.8.17, Jacob Javitz Center, NYC, NY
HALLOWEEN: 10.28.17, Green Lantern, Washington, D.C.

This has been a great week to be a geek! I do not know if Game of Thrones counts as a geeky related material, but I’m taking it. I see lots of people cosplay as GoT characters, so why not? This looks intense! The new season starts 7/16/2017 on HBO. TOTALLY EXCITED!

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The trailer reveals a bit more motivation on what the Vulture is doing and why. We also get that Spider-Man’s suits have a far more capabilities that we have seen so far. Also, Tony Stark is still playing up the cliche – You’re Not Ready For This thing that’s been done to death. But otherwise, these are looking great! So many geeky events and trailers seemed to have come out this week.

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