Justice League comes out this week. Some people have already seen it and others are seeing it opening night. I will not get to see it until Friday, which feels like an eternity! I have my hopes set at a medium level, so I’m not looking to be disappointed, but I am hoping to be thoroughly entertained. I will not hold this up to a precedence that it will be the most awesome thing ever, but I will call it out if it it just complete garbage. Word of mouth from other geeks that have already seen it do say that it is much better than they thought it would be. That’s good to hear. Everyone has their own opinions and sometimes a great movie by one person could be a complete waste of time to another. So I’ll judge for myself. Are you seeing it? Are you excited? Do you not care?

Jean is not officially back yet, but Phoenix Resurrection #1 comes out in December 2017 and Marvel has announced that she will lead her own X-Team. X-Men: Red has been announced to come out in February 2018 and will be written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Mahmud Asrar.

Who do you think will be on her team? I’m guessing the recently revived Wolverine and maybe adult Iceman (he’s teamless right now) could be teammates. Who else?
Also, other than those huge shoulder guards, what do you think of her new costume?

Marvel’s YouTube channel: www.YouTube.com/MarvelEntertainment

I had never heard about the YouTube Channel IsmaHawk until today, but what got my attention was their recently released – Wonder Woman vs. Thor video. This is all fan made and the fight that we get to see is brief, but it is so well done! I would love for them to do a full on budgeted movie. Check them out in the attached video.

To see more of their work and other superhero videos, head over over to: www.YouTube.com/IsmaHawk

I would love to see Marvel’s first family of superheroes and mutants be used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over at CNBC, it was reported that 21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Disney. FUCK YEAH! Of course this does not mean anything until actual is signed done. But I feel as though a fully combined Marvel Cinematic Universe could be so awesomely badass!!!

How would the Fantastic Four and X-Men work though? How would you work them into the current universe? I think that Infinity Stone – Reality Gem could come in handy with this. What do you think? How could the X-Men and Fantastic Four work into the Marvel movie-verse?

Go watch this movie. Very surprising turns took place and I was not expecting a couple twists. Even if you are not up to date with the Marvel Cinematic franchise, this will be highly entertaining. The action, the character development and how this will fit into the over all scheme is great. The Hulk really needs to get his own movie. Just saying. Have you seen Thor Ragnarok yet? Don’t spoil it, but what did you think?

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Just announced that Zachary Levi will have the lead role in the DC Cinematic universe’s SHAZAM movie. Is that good or bad? It appears that he’ll be playing Billy Batson who is generally a child in the comic book/cartoon interpretations but was played by Michael Gray during the Shazam! TV show. Which Michael was an adult at the time of that show. So it could still work.

I personally like Zachary Levi a lot myself. I do not know what style he will be playing Billy in this movie, but Levi is great with comedy. Although all of the DC cinematic movies that have come out so far are quite serious, so comedy will more than likely be downplayed. Who knows though, Levi could be playing SHAZAM himself. If that is case, I am quite sure we will be seeing a lot of working out pics from his public profiles very soon.

David F. Sandberg will be the director and the movie is scheduled to come out in April 2019. What do you think? Is this a good casting? Are you a fan of Levi? Can he match off against The Rock Dwayne Johnson who will be playing SHAZAM’s nemesis, Black Adam?

A potential online series based on five gay men playing Dungeons and Dragons and how they relate to society is being made. The Invincible Bunch already has their first episode up on their Kickstarter site. It is quite amusing and they do seem to make excellent points on a couple different topics being discussed, all while still gaming. Seeing geeks discuss love, social life and the entertainment industry while all still focusing on an incredible role playing game is quite unique and entertaining.

The Invincible Bunch official description reads: The Invincible Bunch is an ensemble series about five very different gay guys who come together regularly in the backroom of their local comic book store to play a tabletop role-playing game.

Their attempts to work together to navigate the fantasy world created by their Gamesmaster are frequently sidelined by heated debates about superhero movies, video games, pop culture and their sex lives.

Can these mismatched companions learn to get along? What are the chances of rolling three natural twenties in a row? Is it against a Paladin’s order to use Tinder? And can we talk about Nightwing’s butt?? All of these questions will be answered… and more.

Check out their Kickstarter site at: Kickstarter.com/Projects/TheInvincibleBunch

Check out this new trailer for the Three Bears, which is an online breakfast show starring, three smoking hot bears. It seems playful but at the same time informative about different breakfast foods and how to make them. The bears include: Joel, Phil and Matt.

Their website is located at: RowseHoney.co.uk/ThreeBears

Their first episode, which is approximately 2 minutes long, has already been posted. It’s so cute and sexy at the same time. Very well done and I love all three of them!

The Honey Rowse YouTube Channel, which is where the Three Bears videos are hosted at, is located: www.YouTube.com/RowseHoney

Whoa!!! Check this out. I am huge fan of the artwork of Rage Gear Studios, and this Iceman meets the Blue Ranger pic just made me fangasm. I’ve costumed as both of these characters too. Just saying. There are a couple people on this site and one of the artists that I have followed for some time is Rey Arzeno. He is just fantastic in all ways! This artist has made many other pieces on the Rage Gear Studios site that you should check out. I’m personally loving his Thunder League mash up.

Check out Rage Gear Studios other work over at: www.RageGearStudios.com/

Oh, if you didn’t know, Rey Arzeno drew my original GayComicGeek costume concept. The ORIGINAL GayComicGeek costume pictured below. Although at the time he was known as Ezra O’Neary. He’s that fracking awesome! The original piece did not have red pants…that was added later.