Bobby Drake aka Iceman takes on Wolverine’s bisexual son – Daken. Although it is a short fight, we do get to see some slightly sexual tension between the two as well. It’s a great issue and we see more of Iceman’s personal life start to come to the surface with a huge shocking ending.

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The shirtless Violinist is back, but this time he’s doing a rendition of A Part of Your World, from Disney’s Little Mermaid. He’s joined with his real life boyfriend Paul Castle. Paul Castle also happens to be the director of this music video. This is quit beautiful. Check out their video attached below.

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I just got done watching the Defenders series and there was a short teaser included for the upcoming Netflix Punisher series. We get to see Jon Bernthal in his upcoming costume and I like it! It’s practical and realistic. Plus it’s got the comic book Punisher vibe to it. The series is expected to debut something in late 2017. What do you think?

Over at Hollywood Reporter, it is being published that a stand alone Obi-Wan Kenobi movie is being made. YES! I always loved Obi-Wan and I felt like the prequels never did him justice until the very end. The cartoon series and in-between comics got him right. Stephen Daldry is attached as the director. I am personally hoping for a movie with Ewan McGregor coming back.
Have you seen him lately? He’s still looking great and I feel he could totally pull of the Jedi Master perfectly. What do you think?

Are you going to ThyGeekDom Con? It takes place on November 4-5, 2017 in Delaware. My buddy Dan made a special promo for this Comic Convention. It’s pretty cool, and I feel like he needs to make more of these videos. Check it out below.

The description reads:
What happens when a seemingly stray event flyer is stumbled across by an everyday citizen?

ThyGeekdom Con Takes place at:

Crowne Plaza – Wilmington North
630 Naamans Rd
Wilmington, Delaware 19703

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I had no idea that the original Masters of the Universe movie came out 30 years ago. It’s totally cheesy and cringeworthy and no where near what the source material, but it’s gained a huge following among He-Man fans out there. I’ve seen it many times myself and I laugh at it but I still love it. Here’s a video by CineFix that tells 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Movie. I TOTALLY had no idea about PigBoy cameo.

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By the way, did you know that concept art was made for She-Ra to make an appearance in the Masters of the Universe movie? The movie was limited but I feel like her being a part of it would have totally been so badass! The concept art below was by William Stout.

Hey check out‘s August 2017 issue. They recently published an article on me. They took several pics in a couple different costumes that have not been posted yet. This issue itself is not ready for download, but the article is up. Below is a picture of the cover with some highlights of other topics being discussed in different articles by their creative team.
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This is fracking ADORABLE!!! I feel like I was watching a Pixar short film. When you have 4 mins to spare, watch this video. It’s so cute. The animation really does look good enough for Disney. It’s done completely without anyone speaking a word and the story flows so incredibly well. More films like this need to be made.

For more on the film and the official synopsis, here are the creators:

“In a Heartbeat” – Animated Short Film by Beth David and Esteban Bravo

A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.

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Produced at Ringling College of Art and Design by

Beth David
Instagram: @bbethdavid
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Esteban Bravo
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Twitter: @EstebanBravoP

Is saying ‘Racist Nazi White Supremacist,’ redundant? I’ll go with it. Anyways, conservative comic creators Brett R. Smith and Mike Baron are creating a Nazi superhero in the form of white supremacist Kyle Chapman called Based Stickman. They actually tried to get support at San Diego Comic Con 2017. If you do not know Chapman, he is a criminal who has attacked antifa protesters at a rally at Berkeley in March 2017. He was arrested for hitting a protester over the head with a wooden stick. Hence the name Stickman. He also founded a group called the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights. He claims to be a Nationalist. Chapman has spent a combined 10 years in prison. He has been convicted of robbery, grand theft, he twice violated parole, he sold a shotgun and assault rifle to an illegal underground gun store, he has jumped bail, was homeless as a fugitive. When he was caught, he served five more years in prison. When he was released and his probation ended, he then attacked the Berkeley protester. You can read more about his criminal actions over at:

Anyone can draw and write what they want. But whether they should do something, that is another thing altogether. Basing a superhero on a criminal racist who attacks others and starts his own group of Nazis is disgusting. Brett R Smith also made Clinton Cash, another graphic novel that was commissioned by white supremacist, Steve Bannon. Both Smith and Mike Baron are complete fucking idiots.

I love the Avatar The Last Airbender series and I felt as though the The Legend of Korra was a great continuation within their universe. Dark Horse is making a comic book story to continue on the adventure of Korra and Asami in the Spirit World. There was a lot of controversy with Korra and the other lead female character, Asami, being a couple by the end of the cartoon series. I think it was a great move. They had hinted at it throughout the last season and I feel as though it was very tastefully done. The first part to the comic book story entitled Turf Wars is currently out. Video review on it coming soon! Here’s a video that Nickelodeon has released. The comic was written by co-creator Mike DiMartino and the art was by Irene Koh.

The comic book is available at: