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I just got Peekablue from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. The line may not be as dead as some think, depending on your viewpoint on the recent San Diego Comic Con news, but regardless, we will be getting the vast majority of the last wave of figures.

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Robin Costume WITHOUT Joker Defacing it

Someone re-colored the image of the Robin costume shown on the Batman v. Superman trailer and I have to admit. I kinda like it. It’s still got that ‘dark’ look that Warner Bros is trying so hard to do with their characters but still plays a nice homage to Robin. More than likely, this is Jason Todd but there’s so much speculation that this could be Dick Grayson instead. Who knows, I’m just happy that Robin was in this universe at some point.


God I wish I was at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. So many geektastic news is being shown every day. Here’s the new Batman v. Superman Trailer where we FINALLY get to see Wonder Woman. Briefly. Very Briefly. But at least we see her finally.

Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Robin

And might I add- we see a Robin costume vandalized by the Joker, meaning that we more than likely have already had a Jason Todd who has probably been killed by the Joker at this point in the timeline. FUCK YEAH!

Wonder Woman 2
I still wish Wonder Woman’s costume had more color to it. I don’t know why none of the DC characters can have bright colors in their costumes yet.


Are you fucking kidding me? Recently on it was reported that the early images of the upcoming mobile Final Fantasy Game- Mevius Final Fantasy, showed the main character Wal (or Uoru, as it’s rendered in Japanese), as wearing a scantily clad outfit. And this was apparently not well received. It’s ok for scantily clad women to be shown in nearly every new Final Fantasy video game to be made but to show men in the same way, that’s bad. Are heterosexual men THAT delicate? Can they really not see another guy’s back skin?


We can get nearly naked women in video games, constantly, but a male character that shows off too much skin is bad. The double standards we live in is sometimes absurd. Check out the NEW image of what Wal will look like:


That just sucks. Luckily the character will more than likely have his costume changed repeatedly regardless if this game is like any other Final Fantasy game. In fact, the name ‘Wal’ is most likely able to be changed as well. We should at least be allowed to have sexy version and non-sexy versions of the costume for our own entertainment. But I guess the main demographic for this game is heterosexual males, and they probably don’t want sexy men. They only want sexy female characters in little to no clothing. With that, I’ll leave it alone and show some ridiculous costumes/outfits that some of the female characters in the past Final Fantasy games have shown, that no one seemed to have a problem with.

Marisa Aunt May

I’ll always think of Marissa Tomei as girlfriend Mona Lisa Vito to Joe Pesci from the movie ‘My Cousin Vinny’ (how the hell did he get her as a girlfriend?!). Recently, reports that Tomei will be playing Aunt May in the upcoming Spider-Man Marvel/Sony relaunch. I didn’t think she was old enough to play Aunt May. I do enjoy that Aunt May is no longer written as a character that is portrayed as a woman in her 60’s – 70’s.

Marissa is an academy award winning actress, but I would have loved if they just brought back Sally Field as Aunt May. I thought she did a great job in that role. I wonder if there will ever be an interaction with Aunt May and Tony Stark, being that Marissa and Robert Downey Jr played love interests in the movie – Only You? That would be awkward for Peter.

So what do you think? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Superman Batman Wonderwoman

What do you think of the fully revealed Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. I will say that Wonder Woman does have a little bit of color in her costume, which is somewhat nicer. I still do not know why DC cannot show bright colors as opposed to how Marvel will blatantly put in red, blue and green into their characters. I still feel that Batman’s suit, although a VAST improvement over past suits, still emphasizes the character’s dependency on his suit. Any comic fan knows that Batman is awesome because of his skills as the greatest detective in the world that is arguably one of the smartest and greatest fighters ever as well.

What do you think?


When I heard that there was going to be a Walking Dead spin off series coming out, I was thinking that we were going to be seeing another story of survivors roaming around, trying to survive. I did not know until recently that it was going to be a Prequel series instead. I’m so ready for this! This little teaser was released, and it looks like everyone will be in denial (as just about everyone would be if this were to happen in real life):