Batman The Button, Power Rangers, Venom, Trinity and Nightwing – Comic Load 4/19/2017

It’s comic book day! What’s your comic load look like? This time around we have quite a few comics that are pretty darn good.

Batman #21 – The Button. What the hell is going on with the Watchmen button? How is everything linked together? No answers are given in this but the Flashpoint Reverse Flash is back and he may have more links to what is going on than anyone.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #14 – Evil Tommy and his evil ranger centurions have almost won. This is an alternate reality but really well done.
Superwoman #9 – Lana wakes and is healed. Unfortunately she is powerless too. Will she continue on as being Superwoman? If so, how is this going to be done?
Nightwing #19 – Nightwing vs. Deathwing round 2. Also Dr. Simon Hurt is brought back and is behind all of the problems that Dick has gone through in the past few issues.
Venom #6 – Eddie Brock is back and he is Venom. FINALLY!!!
Trinity #8 – Superman reveals to Batman and Wonder Woman that his past has been altered. No real information is given in this story, but at least he is confiding in them.
Superman #21 – Why is Jonathan Kent’s powers not properly working? What happened to Batman in the previous issue? There is a lot more to the Kent’s neighbors than meets the eye.

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