Batgirl Movie Being Made – With Joss Whedon as the Director

Variety reported that a Batgirl solo movie is being made and that Joss Whedon is the director. Thankfully the movie will take place in the DC Cinematic Universe. Wow, I totally was not expecting that to be done. But I’ll take it. Whedon is a great director and a huge geek himself, so there is a lot of potential for this. This will most likely be attached or at least have some connection to the solo Batman movie coming out with Ben Affleck and the Sirens movie that is a spin off from the Suicide Squad sequel being made. Fingers crossed that this will be as well done as Joss’s Marvel movie stint.

There have been several Batgirls over the years. Barbara Gordon is by far the most well known out of all of them and will most likely be the version selected for this movie. However I would love to see some of her counterparts, like Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown show up too.

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