American Male – MTV Short Video on Masculinity and Homophobia


Wow, take a few minutes and watch this video. This is very intense and not what I was expecting. The main character is unnamed but it is obvious that he is over compensating a desire to appear more “masculine” to his fraternity brothers to hide something lingering inside of him. I have seen many closeted gay men struggle with their appearances and their mannerisms. I have never really considered my own mannerisms as being anything except that of being awkward all the time. I was a disappointment to my father and family, not for being gay, but for being a huge geek. But that’s a story for another day. I do know that masculinity is something that not only many heterosexual men define themselves with, but gay men define themselves this way as well. Many openly gay men attempt to segregate and label themselves as ‘butch’ or ‘manly’ or the offensive term of ‘straight acting.’ I try to never judge anyone and especially people’s upbringings being that we are born into many different environments. Some more open than others. It can take time to alter anyone’s adult view on life. It must be awful for those close minded people that do not allow themselves space to grow and find out who they really are underneath years of psychological torture. And this is torture that not only family brings along, but also society as a whole. I genuinely do feel sorry for a lot people out there. Watch the film below and tell me what you think.

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6 comments to American Male – MTV Short Video on Masculinity and Homophobia

  • Avatar Charles Lafond  says:

    Wow, I really liked that video. What a beautiful job.

  • Avatar Briz  says:

    Wow. This is fucking incredible.Thanks so much for posting this video. Also for your intro above. I too was given shit for being a geek growing up, and nearly every one of my immediate family has torn into for me it at one time or another, some repeatedly. You do learn to act, speak, and even think differently to prevent the attacks. But a big part of my geek identity was being an artist. That saved me in that I knew from my artist’s eye which girls were pretty enough to warrant me stopping and staring at them or pretending to be a bit nervous around them in high school. I suspect it saved me from a beating or two. It was easier in 1984 to be laughed at for always striking out with girls than being accused of being gay.

  • Avatar Jim  says:

    That sucks. Glad I never had to experience any of this

  • Avatar Tree guy  says:

    Great Post and video. If I’m honest, I see some of myself in that, however much I don’t want to, or however much I want to be passed all that play acting. I agree with you and Briz that being a geek is something we are sometimes made to feel ashamed of being. Family, school, work, and dating are all places I’ve tried to hide my geekdom. It makes me really mad when other gay guys tear into geeks, and if I’m honest again (wow, twice in one day!) I’m not sure I’ve ever really felt comfortable in the community, because even when I’m not supposed to hide who I am, I still feel like I should keep my geek on the down

  • Avatar Samuel Glass Jr.  says:

    I will admit it…being a Gay Black Male, who has also been a lifelong horror/sci-fi/fantasy geek, the struggle has been real most of my life, since I don’t fit neatly into any of the boxes most people have. And even now, at my age, I STILL find it difficult to deal with the issues at times. But watching things like this are a sobering reminder, that as messy as it can be dealing with people’s hangups and prejudices, it can always be worse. Especially the mental and physical damage you can do to yourself and others, trying to pretzel-twist yourself into a shape that people insist that you become, but you were never meant to be, and truly never WILL be…

    • Avatar Briz  says:

      Incredibly well said, Samuel.

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