Thanos #5 – Thanos is close to death and his son Thane wants to expedite this quicker with a cosmic entity.
Justice League of America #3 – Batman and company take on the Extremists on an underground level. Lobo is awesome in this!
Biff to the Future #3 – Backstory as to how alternate universe Biff came to power. This deals with the fate of George McFly.
All-New X-Men #19 – This is the final issue. Why can’t the original 5 young X-Men return back to their own time?
X-Men Prime #1 -This is the beginning to the new X-Men series that will be popping up in the next couple of months with Kitty Pryde as their leader.
Titans Annual #1 – Where did Donna Troy come from? This issue starts to address this topic.

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