4th Man Out – A Movie About 4 Men, One is Gay and the Other 3 Guys Trying to Find Him Love.

Fourth Man Out

I just saw this trailer and it looks pretty damn good. I’m all for the feel good movies and totally into a movie that breaks some stereotypes of cinema where the gay man is just the butt of a joke. This movie looks appealing. Four men, all have been buddies for some time and one of them comes out as being gay. The other guys all must come to terms with themselves about their friend’s sexuality but also go out of their way to help their buddy find love. I must see this movie. Watch the trailer below. I know it is in theaters, but I heard that it is also available on demand, so I will Google this now!

The story synopsis from the site reads:

Evan Todd (“Switched at Birth”) stars as Adam, a small-town, blue-collar mechanic who likes beer and hockey but surprises his buddies when he tells them he’s gay. Well meaning but perhaps fated to trip over themselves, hilarity ensues when said buddies all try to help Adam find a boyfriend. Parker Young (“Arrow”), Chord Overstreet (“Glee”), Jon Gabrus (“Younger”) and Kate Flannery (“The Office) co-star in the film from producers Lauren Avinoam, Lauren Hogarth and Jed Mellick.